Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm back, baby!

After a self-imposed hiatus, I am back and hopefully better than ever. We'll get things started up slowly, with some simple posts and see how things are rolling before I start swinging away with the heavy ammunition (Mmmmm...mixed metaphors...yummy!) and get to the things that are really weighing on my mind.

I will do my best from here on out to try and post at least one book review per month and hope to create a couple of recurring weekly entries - one will almost definitely be 'This Week's Sign of the Impending Apocolypse'.

That having been said, here is a cute little story; we were discussing poetry in a Literature class I am taking this semester and the professor had us take five minutes to see if we could come up with a time-relavent haiku. Ask and ye shall receive:

A hockey mom
Does not a vice-president make
Go home governor


1 comment:

RoadScholar said...

Not a strict Haiku. How about...

"Spectacled bigot,
Unfit for public service:
Return home in Spring!"